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Vestnik NSU. Series: Information Technologies
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All Issues >> Contents: Volume 10, Issue No 4 (2012)

Application of the general ratings of the ordered publications in the formation of an optimum variant of the order of literature for high school
L. A. Kromina, R. A. Yartsev, V. V. Mironov

Methods of social networks analysis
T. V. Batura

To development of conceptual bases of management by IT activity
A. V. Zimin, S. M. Kulakov, V. V. Zimin

The integration of tools for organisation of the problem-oriented distributed computing
V. G. Bogdanova, A. S. Korsukov, A. G. Feoktistov, A. P. Novopashin, G. A. Oparin, I. V. Bychkov

Developing of an approach to the internet publication of small museums and science-based collections with an instrumental portal
B. N. Pischik, N. L. Panina, A. V. Vereshchagina

Olympiad programming as an effective tool for the training of professional programmers
V. A. Krayvanova, E. N. Kruchkova

A generation of diagnostics tests based on the tracing tables
A. A. Kryazhev, S. G. Mosin

Joining computing clusters for large scale numerical simulations in the numgrid project
M. A. Gorodnichev

The role of general and specific vocabulary in extracting factual information from texts, the case of innovation-event
S. Yu. Toldova, V. P. Klintsov, I. O. Kuznetsov, A. A. Bonch-Osmolovskaya, Yu. S. Akinina

Formal methods of authorship attribution
T. V. Batura

Evaluating the effectiveness of the method of the parallel implementation of the process of clustering text documents on the basis of the algorithm fris-cluste
D. A. Tkachev, V. B. Barakhnin

Hardware-software platform «climate» as a basis for local spatial data infrastructure geoportal
I. G. Okladnikov, E. P. Gordov, A. G. Titov

Methods for the discovery of logical regularities in the structure of the genomes
Viktor Aleksandrovich Gusev, Gennady Sergeyevich Lbov, Galina Leonidovna Polyakova, Vera Sergeyevna Altyntceva, Viktor Aleksandrovich Gabriel

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Vestnik NSU Series: Information Technologies, Volume 10, Issue No 4 (2012)
Novosibirsk State University Journal of Information Technologies, Volume 10, Issue No 4 (2012)
Year of Publication: 2012
ISSN: 1818-7900 (Print), ISSN 2410-0420 (Online)
Publisher: Novosibirsk State University Press
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