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Analysis of information security risks
A. M. Fedotov, A. V. Revnivykh, N. A. Mazov

Institute of Petroleum Geology and Geophysics SB RAS
Institute of Computational Technologies SB RAS
Новосибирский государственный университет
Novosibirsk State University

UDC code: 004.056

This paper describes an approach to the analysis of information security risks in the corporate system. Under the Information Security refers to protection of information resources (information systems) and supporting infrastructure from accidental or deliberate exposure to natural or artificial, with the potential damage to the owners or users of information resources. es.

Key Words
distributed information resources, access to information, information security risks

How to cite:
Fedotov A. M., Revnivykh A. V., Mazov N. A. Analysis of information security risks // Vestnik NSU Series: Information Technologies. - 2011. - Volume 09, Issue No 2. - P. 80-89. - ISSN 1818-7900. (in Russian).

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Publication information
Main title Vestnik NSU Series: Information Technologies, Volume 09, Issue No 2 (2011).
Parallel title: Novosibirsk State University Journal of Information Technologies Volume 09, Issue No 2 (2011).

Key title: Vestnik Novosibirskogo gosudarstvennogo universiteta. Seriâ: Informacionnye tehnologii
Abbreviated key title: Vestn. Novosib. Gos. Univ., Ser.: Inf. Tehnol.
Variant title: Vestnik NGU. Seriâ: Informacionnye tehnologii

Year of Publication: 2011
ISSN: 1818-7900 (Print), ISSN 2410-0420 (Online)
Publisher: Novosibirsk State University Press
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