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Formal methods of development of the question-answering system on natural language
D. V. Derevyanko, D. E. Palchunov

Novosibirsk State University
Institute of Mathematics SB RAS

UDC code: 004.8

The paper is devoted to the methods of development of question-answering systems. The special attention is given to the problems of development of question-answering systems having natural language (Russian) interface, which generate answers to the questions on the basis of information containing in the documents submitted in the Internet. The problem of integration of knowledge contained in different documents is closely connected with the problem of generation of new knowledge which is not explicitly presented in any text. Formal methods of automated extraction of knowledge from texts in Russian and generation of new knowledge, based on the use of the parameterized queries are described in the paper. On the base of these methods the first version of question-answering system has been developed.

Key Words
analysis of natural language texts, parameterized query, atomic diagram of a model, knowledge generation, knowledge extraction, search engine, question-answering system

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Derevyanko D. V., Palchunov D. E. Formal methods of development of the question-answering system on natural language // Vestnik NSU Series: Information Technologies. - 2014. - Volume 12, Issue No 3. - P. 34-47. - ISSN 1818-7900. (in Russian).

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Publication information
Main title Vestnik NSU Series: Information Technologies, Volume 12, Issue No 3 (2014).
Parallel title: Novosibirsk State University Journal of Information Technologies Volume 12, Issue No 3 (2014).

Key title: Vestnik Novosibirskogo gosudarstvennogo universiteta. Seriâ: Informacionnye tehnologii
Abbreviated key title: Vestn. Novosib. Gos. Univ., Ser.: Inf. Tehnol.
Variant title: Vestnik NGU. Seriâ: Informacionnye tehnologii

Year of Publication: 2014
ISSN: 1818-7900 (Print), ISSN 2410-0420 (Online)
Publisher: Novosibirsk State University Press
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