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Implementing software system for modelling information search in social graphs
Nikolai Nikolayevich Nikolayev, Pavel Yuryevich Shamin, Mikhail Yuryevich Zvyagin, Vasily Alekseyevich Sklyarenko

Vladimir State University
UDC code: 004.942

This article is focused on development of the instrument for social networks modeling. Subject of studying are models describing interactions of agents in communities of a network and between these communities for the solution of the general task.

Key Words
percolation, distributed modeling, graph models, social networks modeling

How to cite:
Nikolayev N. N., Shamin P. Y., Zvyagin M. Y., Sklyarenko V. A. Implementing software system for modelling information search in social graphs // Vestnik NSU Series: Information Technologies. - 2013. - Volume 11, Issue No 3. - P. 47-52. - ISSN 1818-7900. (in Russian).

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Publication information
Main title Vestnik NSU Series: Information Technologies, Volume 11, Issue No 3 (2013).
Parallel title: Novosibirsk State University Journal of Information Technologies Volume 11, Issue No 3 (2013).

Key title: Vestnik Novosibirskogo gosudarstvennogo universiteta. Seriâ: Informacionnye tehnologii
Abbreviated key title: Vestn. Novosib. Gos. Univ., Ser.: Inf. Tehnol.
Variant title: Vestnik NGU. Seriâ: Informacionnye tehnologii

Year of Publication: 2013
ISSN: 1818-7900 (Print), ISSN 2410-0420 (Online)
Publisher: Novosibirsk State University Press
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