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Technology of automated factographic retrieval system’s ontology filling
Vladimir Borisovich Barakhnin, Ilya Sergeyevich Pastushkov

Novosibirsk State University
Institute of Computational Technologies SB RAS

UDC code: 004.8

This work is about technology of automated factographic retrieval system ontology filling . This technology contains extracting keywords from corpus of texts with similar topic for following using these keywords as possible values of entity’s attributes, that describes in created ontology of subject field for organizing of factographic retrieval in expanded corpus of text appropriated topics. Sug-gested technology based on support vector model for stamming text and following random-walk method for extracting keywords. After learned hidden layer neural network works with set of these keywords. So, ontology for document formed in neural network working builds by the set of seman-tic connected pairs of words and after with use of database search organizing.

Key Words
Fact, Factogaphic retrieval, Intelligent systems, Facts extraction, Automated ontology filling

How to cite:
Barakhnin V. B., Pastushkov I. S. Technology of automated factographic retrieval system’s ontology filling // Vestnik NSU Series: Information Technologies. - 2015. - Volume 13, Issue No 4. - P. 5-13. - ISSN 1818-7900. (in Russian).

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Publication information
Main title Vestnik NSU Series: Information Technologies, Volume 13, Issue No 4 (2015).
Parallel title: Novosibirsk State University Journal of Information Technologies Volume 13, Issue No 4 (2015).

Key title: Vestnik Novosibirskogo gosudarstvennogo universiteta. Seriâ: Informacionnye tehnologii
Abbreviated key title: Vestn. Novosib. Gos. Univ., Ser.: Inf. Tehnol.
Variant title: Vestnik NGU. Seriâ: Informacionnye tehnologii

Year of Publication: 2015
ISSN: 1818-7900 (Print), ISSN 2410-0420 (Online)
Publisher: Novosibirsk State University Press
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