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ISSN 2410-0420 (Online), ISSN 1818-7900 (Print)


Information for Authors

Article submission rules:

Authors must present their article in Russian or English language. The size of the article must be no less than 1/2 of printer's sheet (20000 characters) and no more than 1 author's list (40000 characters), including spaces and figures (1 figure with dimensions of 190 x 270 mm is equivalent to 1/6 of author's list, i.e. 6700 characters).
Articles exceeding that limit can be accepted for review only with approval from the managing editor received on an individual basis.

Formatting rules for text and figures:

Article text must be submitted in the MS Word file format. The text must be in the "Times New Roman" font, font size 14pt, line spacing 1.5. Page margins must be set to the MS Word defaults. The text must be fully-justified, hyphenation/word splitting must be turned off, lines (including initial lines in paragraphs) must not be indented. Manual formatting of text (using additional spaces, line breaks or page breaks) must not be used. Every paragraph must be separated from a previous one with two line breaks ("Enter" key).

Subheadings must be separated in the same way and typed in boldface. It is allowed to use italics and boldface for the purpose of highlighting specific words and parts of text. Underlining, coloring, changing font size or letter spacing, etc. is not allowed.

Every single figure from the article must be attached as a separate file. The article text must contain the name of the file where respective figure should be, possibly followed by the figure itself included. All figures that contain schematics/plots/flowcharts/etc. must be provided in a vector graphics format (.ai, .eps, .cdr). Screenshots, photos and other inherently raster images must be provided in the best possible quality, without any losses or visual artefacts (.tif, .jpg).
Every figure must be followed by its name as a caption.

The numbering within article must be sequential, without gaps. Using other styles of numeration (e.g. nested, like "3.2") is not allowed. Figure names must start with "Fig. ". References to figures must appear in text as a figure name in round braces, e.g. "(fig. 1)".

Formulas must be typed using MathType editor or MS Word's built-in formula editor, using 11pt font size as a base. Greek symbols must be typed in regular font style. Latin symbols must be typed in italics. Only those formulas that are referred from article text should be numbered.

Citations must appear in text as arabic numbers in square braces. References must be numbered in the order in which citations first appear in the text and formatted in accordance with the International Standard Bibliographic Description rules. Citations that refer to unpublished works or internet sites (except those electronic journals that can be referred to using a proper bibliographic description) must appear as footnotes.

Supplementary info:

The following supplementary information must be provided (in English, and also, if possible, in Russian):

  • Information about the author(s):
    • Full name
    • Academic degree and rank
    • Workplace and job title
    • Phone number
    • E-mail address
    • Mailing address
  • UDC (Universal Decimal Classification) index
  • Article title
  • Abstract (3-5 sentences)
  • Keywords (no more than 10-15)
  • References

All materials are submitted via E-mail only.



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